If you’ve read The Loveawake Method, then you already know that I put a HUGE emphasis on everything you do leading right up to the approach, while other gurus tend to place an emphasis on what you do afterwards. When I take out a guy to teach him game, he pays close attention to everything I say and do with a girl. All of that’s OK and all, but I want to make one thing clear: after I approach, the mature women are already attracted to me and everything I do after my approach has nothing to do with making a woman feel attracted to me.

All I am doing is getting mature women comfortable with being around me. That’s it. If you ask any girl when was she first attracted to me, she’s going to tell you “right away” or “instantly”. In other words, that means that everything that I did leading up to my approach is why mature women are attracted to me. It is because of this why I feel like I can have ANY type of woman that I want, and I’d be surprised if I settled down with anything less than a nine or ten.

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So why do I make such a bold statement? Because I have what is called true confidence. I feel like almost every reasonable woman that I approach is going to be attracted to me. What do I mean by reasonable? She doesn’t have a boyfriend and she’s not busy chattering with her friends. You guys are so focused on everything after the approach that you forget that most mature women are INSTANTLY turned on by a man with real confidence and authority.

Oh, but you have confidence? Don’t confuse boldness with confidence. When you are truly confident, you are very calm and relaxed. I know that there are those of you that will do and/or say anything, but what I’ve come to notice, is that you’re not very comfortable doing it, and mature women notice it whether you realize it or not. Walking up to a woman and telling her that you’re attracted to her is one thing, but if you say it and seem very nervous about it, then you aren’t confident, you’re just being bold.

But how do you cross the border from just being bold to actually being confident? Confidence comes with competence. In other words, I know that I can get any type of woman that I want because I truly KNOW that I am better than 99% of men out there. I’m a good talker, listener, lover, supporter, dresser, etc. I just feel like I am better than the vast majority of men out there, hence, why I have such a confident attitude when I approach mature women.

This is exuded in everything about me and mature women take notice. My voice just sounds confident, my body language just looks confident, and everything about me just says that I am better than most men and that the girl that I’m talking to better take notice or risk losing a catch. This is very similar to the difference between a forced smile and a real smile; it is incredibly difficult to fake a smile and pass it off as authentic; you truly have to be happy. Sure, you can try to fake a smile, but it’s not a real smile.

Once you get your true confidence in order, and stop trying to pass boldness off as confidence, you are going to realize that you can have ANY, and I mean ANY type of woman that you want in your life. When you approach mature women, they’re going to feel truly affected and moved by your mere presence. The attraction is going to occur instantly, and your interaction will have nothing to do with building attraction. Building attraction is for men that are just bold and don’t have the true confidence that truly moves mature women.